Where every day is an adventure and every stay a vacation for your dog!

Dog Boarding Services in Tucson AZ


We invite you to schedule a visit to our dog ranch:

Bring your dog along to meet us and some of our boarding dogs; our  boarding dogs come in all sizes.     Visits are scheduled midday on most weekdays and weekends.  If you have travel plans, please consider setting  up your visit well ahead of time so that we can be sure to schedule a  convenient time for you prior to your trip.

Visits are not necessarily a requirement to make  dog boarding reservations.   An initial phone conversation will allow us to learn about your dog and  his or her social history, temperament, and personality.   If your dog has boarded at dog boarding services that  offer social interaction with other dogs , such as dog daycare / boarding facilities, then that is a good indicator that your dog will do well in our social setting, too.

 Our home-style, cage-free, dog boarding provides unique and highly  personalized care that is not offered at traditional Tucson dog boarding  kennels and  pet boarding services, or Tucson dog daycare facilities.  Our boarding dogs enjoy human and canine company throughout the day, and  activities that provide mental and physical stimulation to promote a  healthy mind and body for your dog!  In the evening, your dog can relax  with us and our other boarding dogs, on cozy dog beds, in the comfort of our spacious home! 

Our ranch where we provide dog boarding services in Tucson, AZ

Our ranch where we provide dog boarding services in Tucson, AZ

                                          Open Daily:    8 AM -  8 PM

Visits are scheduled by appointment only; 12:30 PM on most weekdays and weekends. 

Boarding Rate: $55 per day, per dog (24 hour periods. Partial days prorated).

Boarding Reservations: 

Drop off schedule:   9:30 AM   /  12:30 PM /  3:30 PM

Pick up schedule:  9 AM  /  12 PM  /  3 PM  /  5 - 6 PM

(Please contact Angela to request alternate drop off or pick up times .)

Day Camps: $25 per day 10AM - 3PM 

Extended Daycare service, please contact us for availability and cost. 


        Some of our pack members!

        Some of our pack members!

Our Daily Routine:

Our day starts between 7 -8 AM, with a morning bathroom break and playtime for the dogs in the agility play ground.  Breakfast feeding is from 7 AM to 8 AM,  followed by our morning supervised hikes in our four acre, fenced, hiking area.  Our hikes are approximately 20 to 30 minute intervals, with  water breaks in between and some fun in our agility playground.  Our agility playground includes barrel tunnels, jumps, and ramp platforms (pictured in our photo galleries).   Many dogs take to the agility activities quite naturally, and we use positive reward techniques to encourage all the dogs to participate!


By midday to early afternoon,  the dogs are ready for our daily pool party!   We spend several hours in our pool area each afternoon, depending on the time of year (pool time is longer in the summer months), and our pool play time always includes a fun ball game!  Dogs that like to swim are able to enjoy swimming, and non-swimmers enjoy playing around the pool with the other dogs, as well as the ball game!   Our pool area includes a large shaded veranda with multiple ceiling fans, which keeps the dogs comfortable year round, as well as comfortable dog cots.

 All of our daily dog activities are well supervised; I enjoy spending  my day with the dogs and taking photos of all the fun!  

Pool play time at our Tucson Adventure Dog Ranch dog boarding service!

Pool play time at our Tucson Adventure Dog Ranch dog boarding service!

We conclude our fun day spent with the dogs enjoying a late afternoon hike, followed by dinner feeding time for the dogs ( 5 - 6 PM), and then a relaxing evening in our spacious home.  We have plenty of comfortable dog beds for our dog boarding guests.   The daily photo albums are emailed to our clients each night so they can see their dog enjoying a full day of fun and play with their new dog friends!

Our daily routine provides supervised and structured activities, and promotes the building of important social skills that are beneficial to a dog's mental well being.

We provide our service year round and tailor our activities for the dogs around the seasons.    During the summer months, we ensure that all the dogs stay comfortable with plenty of water and shade, and access to our air-conditioned home.   I spend my day with the dogs and enjoy being with them!   We take great pride in providing 

personalized dog care so our clients can travel with the peace of mind that their dogs are safe, well cared for, and having a fun dog vacation!

Evenings at our Tucson dog boarding ranch are always relaxing after a fun day of dog play!

Evenings at our Tucson dog boarding ranch are always relaxing after a fun day of dog play!

Boarding Requirements


Social Temperament / Neuter - Spay

  All of our boarding dogs have been assessed for social ability with other dogs, as well as people.  

Every dog has his or her own unique personality.  Some dogs are more outgoing, and some are more shy in nature.  Our cage free, homestyle, social environment, ample space, and structured activities, are ideal for dogs to enjoy being part of a balanced and harmonious group.   Dogs of all sizes can participate together in our supervised hikes (in our fenced hiking area), agility playground, and swimming pool area.  All of our dog activities are well supervised.   

We do require all dogs to be  at least 10 months of age and  neutered or spayed, house trained, and fully vaccinated.


  For the health and safety of all our boarding dogs, we require rabies, DA2PP ( distemper, adenovirus-2, para-influenza and parvovirus vaccine),  leptospirosis vaccine, and bordetella.   


Daily Feeding Routine:

 We want each of our dog boarding clients to bring their dog's own food, so that we can keep each dog on a consistent diet.   We feed twice a day - morning and evening.  And we always have plenty of treats to share with our boarding dogs during our daily activities!

Medicines & Supplements:

We can insure that your dog stays on his or her regular schedule of most common medicines or supplements.  If you have any concerns in this regard, please contact us.  If your dog has any particular food allergy issues, please let us know and we will take any necessary precautions.

Other Things To Bring For Your Dog:

We have plenty of dog bowls, comfortable dog beds, and tasty dog treats.  So it is not necessary for dog boarding clients to bring these items.   We don't use typical dog toys, because our boarding dogs enjoy a fun day of activities, including hikes and agility playground, and our daily afternoon pool play time.   Pool time includes ball games, too!   All of our daily activities for our boarding dogs are well supervised.